Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Pretty psychogeography

Phil Smith sends word of An Exeter Mis-Guide

An Exeter Mis-Guide is like no other guide you have ever used before. To Exeter. To Anywhere. Rather than telling you where to go and what to see, the Mis-Guide gives you the ways to see the Exeters no one else has found yet. An Exeter Mis-Guide is both a forged passport to your 'other' city and a new way of travelling a very familiar one. An essential part of the toolkit of any 21st Century Exeter survivor.

It is produced by city site-specific artists Wrights & Sites, working with visual artist Tony Weaver.

The page samples make me want a copy! And how far is Exeter from London - can I easily visit in January?

(And funny that it arrived tonight, just as I was writing a paper on our design work in Rome last month - called "From Bovine Horde to Urban Players: Multidisciplinary Interaction Design for Alternative Tourisms".)


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