Sunday, October 19, 2003

Other intimate and playful technologies at UbiComp?

Tejp: Ubiquitous Computing as Expressive Means of Personalising Public Space (Margot Jacobs, Lalya Gaye, Lars Erik Holmquist)
WiFisense: The Wearable Wireless Network Detector (Milena Iossifova and Ahmi Wolf)
Wall_Fold: The Space Between 0 and 1 (Ruth Ron)
The Spookies (and PLAY researcher Peter Ljunstrand - PLAY is also sponsoring the outside in: emerging expressions, interventions, & participation in public space symposium in Spring 2004 which I would really like to attend)
The Verse-O-Matic (James G. Robinson)
Platypus Amoeba (Ariel Churi, Vivian Wenli Lin, Mallory Whitelaw, Cindy Yang)
Squeeze Me: A Portable Biofeedback Device for Children (Amy Parness, Ed Guttman and Christine Brumback)
Eos Pods: Wireless Devices for Interactive Musical Performances (David Bianciardi, Tom Igoe, Eric Singer)
Wishing Well (Tim Brooke and Margaret Morris)
Context Nuggets: A Smart-Its Game (Michael Beigl, Albert Krohn, Christian Decker, Philip Robinson, Tobias Zimmer, Hans Gellersen, Albrecht Schmidt)
And a bunch of groovy examples of expressive software and ambient media from Sha Xin Wei, Joey Berzowska - who I later met in Montreal - Jill Fantauzza and others.


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