Thursday, October 2, 2003

Intense spaces

Karmen Franinovic wrote to tell me about what she did this summer at FoAM - and it's great. Karmen is an artist currently at Interaction Ivrea, working on her MA thesis (with my friend Molly) and interested in things like play, cities, calm technology/ubiquitous computing, Deleuze & Guattari...

illumine: Exercises in Colloquial Luminescence
This programme of lab-tests, discussions, exhibitions and other experiments looks at luminescence and irridescence to construct responsive environments, objects and communication conduits. A public space made of syncoptic sound-space gaps, darkness and holes waiting for the player to interact with the each other through light dynamics and to define the space from a multiplicity of constellations, in an innocent game in which skill and chance are no longer distinguishable. The instability of the boundaries of the physical space and the low visibility slow down the player's movements, until he adapts his body to the new environment. An apparent space of nothing is grown to incorporate the player into its expanding reality, and reveals its multiple qualities by assigning them to the primary elements of Syncoptic structure, the players. The Here, at each point (x,y), is identified through the z direction - light. The Now builds itself at each point by repetitive rhythms of sound in a continuous domain of space and time. The luminous transit tube is an extension of the gallery space into the surrounding urban space, the region of transformation of the private into the public. The tube will host documentation of the Artist in residence project and information about the constellations and stars and their use in art.

a growing luminous architecture - a virtual zero space to be actuated by the passengers/players and not existing without them - a concavity that cultivates a desire to attach - the possibility to offer hospitality in a world made entirely of convex surfaces, of spherical things which deflect, disperse and impede our interest and our intensity.

And earlier in the year she worked on the K‘NTAKT project:

Kontakt is an interactive installation which focused on making contact which created order out of chaos. This was acheived by making contact (or a chain of contact) between four metal contact points and two pots of water. Four different possiblities of making contact which create 4 different audio tracks or image sequences which play separtely or mixed depending on the amount of contact points triggered. no contact caused a flickering projector and noisy speakers. This piece celebrated collaboration and cooperation, as a singular visitor could not make Kontakt. This piece was realized during the Media Knitting workshop at Deaf 2003. It was installed in the stairwell within the 3 story building. The piece embodied this space and made people exist and move throughout the space to make Kontakt.


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