Saturday, October 25, 2003

Hacking the city

Kristoffer Åberg got me thinking again about use value and I need to gather up some disparate thoughts here. I've mentioned before the use-value of space and skateboarding as a way of hacking the city.

And lately I've been thinking a lot about mobilities/moments in time as performed in parkour culture/s - "The art/sport, created by David Belle, in which the participant (or traceur) attempts to move through his or her environment as quickly and fluidly as possible by running, jumping, and climbing past any obstacles that come in their path."

INCITE's Urban Mobilities project looks at space, place and moving across the city as well as how blogging impacts the experience of place - an interesting take on 'writing the city.'

(I will also be presenting something on skating, parkour and hacking the city at the Approaching the City Conference in January.)

Then I think of Sonic City - a system that enables people to create music in real time by walking through and interacting with the urban environment - which positions the city itself as interface. And Kim Cascone's take on the sonification of user interfaces, The Aesthetics of Failure: “Post-Digital” Tendencies in Contemporary Computer Music (pdf).

And Walter Benjamin and Michel de Certeau, always de Certeau...

Update 29 October: some good comments and links by Dan Hill.


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