Wednesday, October 29, 2003

FOR SALE: 0100101110110101.ORG

OCT. 27, 2003

As of today, 0100101110110101.ORG gives up control over its own Internet domain name and associated website and E-Mail addresses. now points to an advertisement page of a Internet domain reseller from where it can be purchased for an estimated price of EUR 10,000. as it had previously operated from this URL will cease to exist as soon as the domain will have been sold, and will stop its public interventions over artistic politics. The E-Mail addresses of will be open to any use of their future owners. People contacting us personally will receive a copy of this text.

With its interventions, aimed to make institutions less solid and tenable, and demoralize people who would otherwise fail to have their beliefs called into question. On all these counts, considers its past work a success. On the other hand, there has been a momentum, internal and external, to assimilate into the production logic of the art system. By ultimately selling out, will both affirm and end this status quo.

Man, they did great work. And of course, this should be part of it ;)


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