Friday, October 31, 2003

Congratulations, your algorithm is a boy!

Browsing misbehaving this morning, I found a link to the Gender Genie and had to try it out!

The results:

Hacking the city
as nonfiction: female 130 / male 295
as blog entry: female 0 / male 755
Design for hackability
as nonfiction: female 351 / male 522
as blog entry: female 832 / male 645
UbiComp Reflections II - can ubicomp come out to play?
as non fiction: female 1815 / male 1975
as blog entry: female 1416 / male 2927

According to this Nature article, the original algorithm's "success seems to confirm the stereotypical perception of differences in male and female language use. Crudely put, men talk more about objects, and women more about relationships."

The Gender Genie uses a "simplified" version of the algorithm and seems to have created another textual category - blog entry - which can yield significantly different results from non-fiction and I am curious how that works ...

But get this: Upon being told the writer (me) is female, the Gender Genie replies "That is one butch chick." Hey! Don't make me kick your ass, girlie-man!


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