Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Aesthetic technologies

The second e-culture fair took place in Amsterdam late last week, and it seems I missed some good stuff:

Fashion Victims | Scentient Beings - Smart Second Skin | SlopeStyle | Whisper

The RemoteHome (Tobi Schneidler) : Via the Internet two homes are connected. In the one home someone wriggles in a chair, and the occupant of the other home is forced into a different posture by the corresponding movements of the arm and foot rests of his or her chair. Or the wall may start bulging in and out in response to the way in which the ‘remote’ person walks through the room. Even when you are not at home, the RemoteBag can keep you posted with shock and light effects. The RemoteHome is an architectural response to our changing ways of living.
StalkShow (Karen Lancel) : What constitutes a safe place for you? StalkShow is about the threat of being unsafe and isolated in the public space. It invites the audience to put a personal face to this threat, to show both its horror and its beauty.
RICHAIR2030 (Shu Lea Cheang) : RICHAIR2030 proposes shared public consumption of wireless bandwidth. In this performance, born again China Dolls on rollerblades, carrying their homemade chiputer lunchboxes, set out on a mission: to pump back the leaked out public wireless bandwidth in RGB codes.

Aware: A flexible platform that operates a spatio-temporal moblog allowing collective contribution and distribution of media.
NobodyHere (Jogchem Niemandsverdriet) : A continually growing network of playful animations, melancholy poems and muddled memos.
Rashomon (Marcus Kirsch) : If computer game characters become more and more ‘realistic’, what will happen to such human attributes as imperfection and spontaneity? In an interactive and playful way, Rashomon explores a possible outcome by giving you the opportunity to become a computer game character.
Face Your World (Jeanne van Heeswijk) : A multi-user game that lets children remodel their own environment into an entirely new world. Through digital cameras they are able to import new elements themselves. These new created worlds are displayed in the public space.

Thanks Katherine!

Update: Great quote taken from an unrelated Globe & Mail article - "It is important now to design for the whole human being, not just the rationalist in us. We are not reviving Art Deco, of course. But we are reviving its spirit."


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