Friday, September 26, 2003

Today I am working on my thesis

It's dark and cold and rainy and the week already feels several weeks long with no end in sight. In situations like this I like to start the day listening to Silver Mt. Zion and Mogwai really loud. Nothing like tense, depressing music to cheer you up.

I've also set myself a concrete goal: I want to have my dissertation defended by this time next year.
No more fucking around.

And since it's been one of those weeks, I have rudely ignored Tobias' excellent post on Deleuze and Brian Massumi. (Incidentally, Tobias, I prefer Massumi to De Landa and think he does a great job of selectively advancing Deleuzian thought.)

[Next day update: ever procrastinating, I continue to play with quote boxes and css. Sorry for the mess.]


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