Monday, September 8, 2003

Report from Italia - Varese and Mantova

I am now on the train returning to Roma. Fabio and Molly (arriving from Ivrea) met me at the train station in Milano on Friday and we drove the hour or so to Fabio's house.

Fabio and his very lovely fiance Valeria live in a gorgeous old building near the small town of Varese, close to the border with Switzerland, in an area filled with beautiful lakes and lush vegetation. The church bells ring every hour and fill the air with sound, although it was the incredible warmth and generosity of my hosts that I most cherish and will not forget. Grazie!

Yesterday we drove the few hours to Mantova to meet Howard, who had been promoting the Italian translation of Smart Mobs at a literature festival. After exploring the town's piazzas and shops, we shared a lovely dinner and many hours of excellent conversation: it is so good to be among friends ... and we all wished that Adam could have joined us.

This morning Valeria and Fabio took us to a monastery on the Lago Maggiore (I really will post the pictures eventually) and we shared brunch before driving back to the train station in Milano. I saw Molly off to Ivrea and shortly boarded my own train (non-smoking this time).

Now I think it is time to nap ...


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