Wednesday, September 3, 2003

Report from Italia - Power Laws in Design

Notes on John Thackara lecture:

"Little changes in design thinking can have profound effects."

Innovation space comprises physical and social contexts, actors, systems of interaction (open?), interfaces + tools, and stories (interaction as narrative). We need a balance between synchronous and asynchronous, social and solitary, local and longitudinal approaches.

Thackara's Law:
smart technology + pointless product = stupid technology

Design PROPOSITIONS not laws

1. social value, not technological value
2. conviviality
3. context = value (choronomy: the value of a biological organism is given by its context. See also SITUATIONISM and the SI archives)
4. P2P (not point-to-mass)
5. design people IN
6. new business models needed
7. LESS! brand intrusion, semiotic pollution, technological spam

See also: Design-recast: the world as spread-sheet for more on choronomy and design.


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