Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Happy to be home

Back from my trip, and happy to return to cool weather and the creature comforts of home. A wee bit of jetlag made it impossible to sleep but I'm being thrown right back into the thick of things so here we go.

Internet access was limited to about 15 minutes on weekdays the entire time I was in Italy, which gave me just enough time to read and answer important emails. If you wrote me during the last two weeks, I will do my best to respond in the next couple of days.

Our mornings were spent in lectures: I have posted my notes according to the day they were written - this means that OVER A DOZEN SEPARATE POSTS HAVE JUST BEEN PUBLISHED, but it helps me maintain my archives. READ FROM BOTTOM TO TOP.

Afternoons were spent in design ateliers: details on our work are still to come ...


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