Wednesday, August 6, 2003

What ethical implications?

UCLA electrical engineering professor Mani Srivastava plans to data-mine a class of first-graders.

Students will wear caps with sensors called "iBadges" pinned to them, Srivastava said. These badges will track the location of the child and the physical orientation of the child's head, as well as capture their speech with small microphones ... Objects, such as puzzle pieces or board games, will be wired with sensors and used on task tables with magnetic systems under them to track location and usage ... In addition, a series of microphones and cameras will be placed at various locations around the classroom to further monitor students' activities ... All data collected by sensors, cameras and microphones is routed through a central computer system ... Srivastava said the project itself has further implications for the future of computers in the life of humans. "This will be an example of how humans will use computers to create smart environments," he said. "The use of sensors in this manner will allow people to talk and interact with the physical world."

(via Halavais)


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