Saturday, August 30, 2003

This and that

Tomorrow I leave for Rome so my next post will be from there. (Yay!)

But I've received some interesting email worth mentioning before I go:

David Chin, a university student in Melbourne, has created a beautiful site called A Picture's Worth. You can upload a photo of personal significance and tell a story about it, as well as view the pictures and stories of others - touching and fun. I plan to have my submission ready by the time my plane lands at Fiumicino ;)

Roy Hornsby needs your help for his honour's thesis research. He wants to know "Why is it that we blog and what do we understand about the blogging process?" The survey only takes a short time to complete and I thought the questions were fun to answer ;)

And Austin Govella passes along a nice - in that MIT tech review sort of way - overview of location-based computing: "Think of it as a permission-based Big Brother—an older sibling with a very good sense of direction." Uh-huh. And there are some interesting comments too. Thanks Austin!

That's it for now ... Fabio and Molly - I'm on my way!


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