Thursday, August 28, 2003

Natural Interaction

Alessandro Valli is doing some fascinating research on 'natural' human computer interaction.

Natural Interaction research is "related to the study and development of systems and methods to allow people to interact with machines in a natural way. A naturally interacting machine (from a wearable device to a large smart environment) respects humans, their needs and behaviors. These human interfaces 'understand' voice and gestures, emotions and context. Modeling of how people perceive, act, and behave is fundamental in such interaction design: user and system are modeled together as a whole, in a user centered approach."

For example, PointAt "allows a natural way of interaction with multimedia audio and video contents, such as websites, presentations and virtual environments. The user can use his own hand as a mouse, just pointing at buttons and spots of interest on a large screen, without wearing any device." (This is much better than the Borg gear used in Minority Report, don't you think?)


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