Sunday, August 3, 2003


Because there were substantial revisions, I've replaced my Ubicomp and Everyday Life paper with the final draft. A slightly different version will appear in a forthcoming special issue of the journal Cultural Studies.

I also posted an annotated bibliography (73 KB pdf) for my Social Studies of Information & Technology course syllabus.

Currently writing:

Invisible Cities: Calvino Meets Mixed Reality Technologies (for //arch.virose and vector)

From Spiders to Soldiers: Emerging Textile Technologies and Intimacies (for Intimate Ubiquitous Computing Workshop UbiComp 2003)

When People and Technologies Move, What Stands Still? Through Calder's Eyes: What Kinetic Sculpture Can Teach Us About Ubiquitous Surveillance (for Surveillance and Mobilities)

The Ethnographer as Designer: Representing Many Voices (for Boxes and Arrows)

Next up:

Answering email.


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