Saturday, August 9, 2003

Gone fishin'

Yesterday was a good day. The community web space I designed was launched to fifteen research teams across Canada, and a grand experiment in academic research collaboration and dissemination begins. I also had the pleasure of sharing Indian food and interesting conversation with Peter and Stacy, before they headed across the river to see the awesome Bog People exhibit at the Museum of Civilization. Enjoy the rest of your travels, friends!

And after work today, my sweetie and I have two full weeks together to do as we wish (and I can finally read what I want instead of what I should).

I am pleased as can be, and will be back here on 25 August.

But a few things first:

Eric Paulos writes to say the deadline for submissions to the Intimate Computing workshop has been extended to 15 August. If you think you know something about intimacy (and unless you're a troll, you probably do) and how that might connect to ubiquitous technologies, the workshop organisers are seeking a wide range of perspectives to understand day-to-day practices; elaborate cultural sensitivities; re-envision mediated intimacy, including explorations of play and playfulness; and explore new concepts and methods for design. Very cool and I hope to see you there ;)

Techno-fashion whores (like me) might want to get started on their submission to The Space Between Conference. The potential for ‘new’ technologies (bio, nano and digital) to deeply affect all aspects of our lives provokes much debate and concern, opens enormous creative and design possibilities, and also risks the fetishisation of technology for its own sake. How does this situation affect contemporary practice within textiles/fashion? Paper proposals are due 30 September. (via 21f)

Other keeners might want to get started on their submission to the Art, Design, and Entertainment in Pervasive Environments issue of IEEE Pervasive Computing. Example topics include (but are not limited to) case studies of experimental or deployed systems in the areas of art, design and entertainment; conceptual and social issues for everyday technologies; and speculative designs that raise issues for the ways we live with technology and each other. The deadline is 15 September.

And last, but not least, here are some links I've enjoyed recently:

Atari Gaming Headquarters
Cities and Buildings Database

See you in a couple of weeks.


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