Monday, July 14, 2003

Ubicomp & Everyday Life

I have finished the final revisions on my ubicomp draft paper and submitted it for publication under the title Intimations of Everyday Life: Ubiquitous Computing and the City.

Changes: Part I shortened/Part II expanded/Part III rewritten with significant changes. If you would like a copy, please contact me.

Final TOC:

Part I
The Social Origins of Ubiquitous Computing
Ubiquitous Computing versus Virtual Reality
Ubiquitous Computing as Calm Technology
Part II
Current Ubiquitous Computing
Context-Aware Computing
Hybrid Worlds: Between Physical and Virtual Spaces
Amplified and Annotated City Spaces
Amble Time
Sonic City
Texting Glances
Urban Tapestries

Part III
Beyond Structure: Spatialisation, Temporalisation & Everyday Life
Technology as Everyday Transductions and Flows
Ubiquitous Computing, Power and Everyday Life

Special thanks to Rob Shields, Greg Seigworth, Michael Gardiner, Bonnie Nardi and Howard Rheingold for their constructive criticism and I am grateful to many others for their valuable comments and suggestions.


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