Sunday, July 27, 2003

HCI, the Arts and the Humanities

Super-interesting-computer-scientist Alan Dix writes to say he recently attended this HCI workshop at the University of York.

This innovative workshop will explore the potential contribution to HCI of approaches from branches of the Arts and Humanities, including but not limited to: literary and cultural studies, critical theory, semiotics and film theory.

Papers of note:

Mark Blythe, The Magpie goes shopping: Tools from critical theory (pdf)
Christina Carini, Immersive game play and the concept of flow (pdf)
Richard Coyne and Pedro Rebelo, Resisting the Seamless Interface (pdf)
Alan Dix, Called XXXX while waiting for a title (pdf)
John McCarthy and Peter Wright, Bakhtin, Novelistic Imagination, and HCI Experience (pdf)


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