Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Globalisation and the Everyday City

Craig Bellamy's PhD thesis milkbar.com.au (via nettime)

This is a project that seeks to offer a speculative encounter with the set of ideas called 'globalisation' through utilising some of the new tools offered to researchers. I have recorded a bunch of people in the suburb where I live commenting on the things that they like in the area, and the things they dislike. I have asked people what they identify with in the suburb, how this has changed over time, and what they see as negative or positive changes. Succinctly, the raison d'être of the project is to create an oral history archive of Fitzroy in a period of rapid change and to try and understand some of these changes.

Apart from drawing upon ethnographic and historical approaches in the selection of the people, it could also be described as flâneurie, both in a local sense and perhaps even in a 'global' sense. This is the local flâneurie of a small inner-city suburb where walking is the norm, versus the global flâneurie of the Internet where individuals 'surf' sometimes in a haphazard and random way to look for things that may not even be there.


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