Thursday, July 10, 2003

Dot walk

If you didn't hear about it earlier this year, socialfiction's dot walk project (an extension of their generative psychogeography project) is very interesting: "The technology will find uses for the street on its own."

Generative psychogeography, walking on algorithms as a means to explore the city, translates ideas from computer science to the real world. The next logical challenge was to start utilising the latent power of these algorithms in a scheme much more complex: the construction of a UPC (Universal Psychogeographical Computer). This peripatetic computer is platform independent & can put any street-pattern to work as a switchboard or an abacus. The UPC is operated unconsciously by interacting swarms of psychogeographical agents. In theory the UPC is able to do anything a normal computer does, artificial intelligence included.

Today, Wilfried Hou Je Bek kindly passes along this new article on witnessing a dot walk happening: STRANGER THAN ANY PYNCHON CONSPIRACY [Aaahhh] ubiquitous computing in .walk. Amazing!

And given my recent post on Native Andean concepts of space-time, I was thrilled to find (in the dot walk resources section) these examples of languages and/or ancient computers, including Aymara socio-linguistics and Inka khipu.


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