Friday, June 6, 2003

Ways of mapping mobiles and stabiles

Wandering Position in progress Via Jean Chu (hiving) comes Yukinori Yanagi's Wandering Position, and detail, 1997

"Made by tracking the meanderings of a single ant with a red crayon, these drawings also reproduce the confines of an individual 5x9 foot Alcatraz prison cell, where prisoners spent 16-23 hours a day.

The floor drawing represents the floor-area of a typical cell (in working, angle-irons prevented the ant's escape...). The three surrounding drawings restate the right, left and back walls of the cell.

Yanagi released an ant in the confined area and followed closely behind with a crayon, tracing the ant's movements. He did this for 15-20 minute intervals, after which he and the ant collected themselves for their next foray.

Finally, the ant was placed back where he was and the tracing resumes. The process can take days."


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