Thursday, June 26, 2003

Ubicomp 2003 workshops

The call for papers for Ubicomp 2003 workshops has begun. My picks?

Intimate (Ubiquitous) Computing
Ubiquitous computing has long been associated with intimacy. Embedded in the literature we see intimacy portrayed as: knowledge our appliances and applications have of us; physical closeness, incarnated on the body as wearable computing and in the body as ‘nanobots’; and computer mediated connection with friends, lovers, confidantes and colleagues. As appliances and computation move away from the desktop, and as designers move toward designing for emotion and social connection rather than usability and utility, we are poised to design technologies that are explicitly intimate and/or intimacy promoting. We propose a workshop that will: critically reflect on notions of intimacy; consider cultural and ethical issues in designing intimate technologies; and explore potential socio-technical design methods for intimate computing.

Supporting Social Interaction and Face-to-Face Communication in Public Spaces
Our motivation for this workshop is to bring together researchers who are interested in ubiquitous systems that support social interaction and face-to-face communication in public spaces, such as convention centers and museums. In recent years attempts have been made to provide public gatherings attendees with various value-added services. These services are based on the ability to either track individuals as they go from one location to another or detect when they interact with each other or with various "smart" objects embedded in the space ... This workshop will bring together participants who define, design, develop, deploy, evaluate, and use ubiquitous systems for supporting social interaction and face-to-face communication in public spaces and at public gatherings. We will discuss previous results in this area and share our experiences with the ultimate goal of identifying the research challenges and directions that the researchers involved with this type of work are likely to face.


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