Monday, June 30, 2003

So sweet

Back from Montrťal. Medeski, Martin & Wood were, as always, stunning - but they played in a poor venue that had shitty sound and was way too hot. The true highlight was Jack DeJohnette (drums) and Don Byron (clarinet) - they were LIT UP. Also on percussion were Giovanni Hidalgo and Luisito Quintero with some solid Latin rhythms. I thought I would explode with joy. Brilliant.

But before anyone thinks I am a music snob, I also spent some time watching VH1's kick-ass series I love the 80s and the 1981 episode reminded me how much I loved Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield. Man, that song taught me what it meant to covet someone. Perv.

(If you're interested, I also took some pictures while wandering around the city.)


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