Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Intellectually turned on

Few things in life give me greater joy than witnessing (if only from afar) another's intellectual excitement and imagination.

Matt Webb is currently reading D&G's A Thousand Plateaus and taking good notes.

I'm on a journey to the centre of my world ... The world I've been shaped in, grown up in. It's almost as if there's someone I naturally am, the self I always listen to and trust (I'm quite at one with my instincts), and by reading and understanding I'm beginning to understand the truth of the world as it is for me.

Yes, I'm pleased that he's reading one of the books that has most deeply affected my intellectual life. But maybe I'm just excited because he seems to be reacting to it in much the same way I did (and continue to) and because maybe now we will share a common language. But beware Matt - once you start quoting D&G people treat you differently ;)

(Update: I have some notes and reading lists on D&G here.)

And then Biella has been doing some thinking about Trevor's call for a Disciplinary Heretics Manifesto. In order to avoid disciplinary "death, rigidity and petrifaction," she offers up the following (very sound) advice:

1. make sure to do many things out of the academy
2. partake in forms of movement
3. see your field just as much or more as a methodology than as a discipline
4. have fun
5. always hold a novice outlook

And to this list, I would add one more thing: cultivate relationships with people who share these basic goals and desires - and there are many - but don't give too much energy to those who don't.


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