Thursday, June 5, 2003

After my own (research) heart

"Having been involved in a number of post-doctoral research projects Eric Laurier has a wide range of interests. Key amongst them are: public space, mobility, technology, practical and visual knowledges, competence in interaction, ethnomethodology, conversation analysis, social and cultural theory, medicine and health. Currently he is the principal investigator on The Cappuccino Community: Cafes and Civic Life in the Contemporary City, a two and a half year project funded by the ESRC. Previously he had an Urban Studies Research Fellowship which allowed him to pursue research on community practices in the city and before that he was a research assistant carrying out ethnographic fieldwork in sites of informal interaction in an Edinburgh suburb as part of the Living Memory Project. From 1997 onwards he was the principal researcher on an ESRC funded project: Meet You At Junction 17: a socio-technical and spatial study of the mobile office. 'Meet You At Junction 17' crystalised a number of his enduring research themes, in particular those of mobility, technology and practical knowledge. Its approach to nomadic life in the West is a development of his doctoral work on city culture in which he looked at, amongst other things, car travel as a key mode of experiencing the city in the late twentieth century."

(Thanks Joe!)


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