Saturday, May 17, 2003

Smarter fabrics

It seems we can do much better than clothes that double as video screens - and right now.

Via the awesome Karen Marcelo, current guestblogger at boingboing:

"Here are a few examples of interesting developments in textiles:

Infineon has a smart carpet that is really a self-organizing network of chips woven into fabric where each 'tile' is a sensor/processor networked via conductive threads. These could be used as motion or fire detectors as they monitor temperature, pressure, vibration, and motion. [I seem to recall blogging about the magic carpet, but can't find the post.]

Luminescent fiber from Luminex. [Anne swoons... this is soooo beautiful.]

Elektex which is a 1mm thick fabric that can sense on 3 axes (x,y,z) and can send back positioning (x,y from stroking the fabric), and pressure (z) data. [Does this mean it can have different textures?]

And Electric Plaid from International Fashion Machines which makes a programmable, color changing textile." [Here's my colour-changing clothes... but damn, I'm not too fond of plaids.]


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