Friday, May 2, 2003

Smart buildings

Tango in Malmö (PopSci) "TANGO is a green-and-wired 27-unit complex that decontaminates its own soil, recycles its water into a rebuilt marsh ecology, generates power from renewable sources, uses roof space to put oxygen back into the environment and, through sensors and broadband Web access, allows owners to re-motely monitor and control everything from energy use to electronic key access. How "Sven" Uses the Tango Tech: Wake up, check the portal: Sven can tap into Tango's Frontyard portal on his wireless Internet tablet, access the rooftop weather-cam, check the forecast, then book a guest room in the complex after reading an overnight e-mail from friends who plan a visit. E-accessibility: At the office, Sven realizes he forgot to program the security system to let in a repairman. Using Frontyard, he authorizes access between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. When he confirms that guests are coming later, he writes a welcome message for the digital display outside his unit. Security systems: Sven can see who's at the front door via videocam and allow or deny access remotely. The Frontyard system also allows him to program lighting: for example, on/off when he's away, and everything on when a fire or burglar alarm sounds. Remote ventilation control: Rain stops, sun is out, and as he returns from a business trip to Copenhagen via the Øresund suspension bridge and tunnel, Sven uses his mobile phone to let some fresh air into the apartment."


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