Saturday, May 3, 2003

Skinning Our Tools

The Banff Centre is in one of the most beautiful locations you could ever hope to see, and since I really enjoyed the Banff New Media Institute summit I attended last year, I'm thinking of going to Skinning Our Tools: Designing for Context and Culture, October 2-5, 2003

"Computer game players trade and steal skins from allies and enemies to shift identity, to signify conquest and character. Can we change the skins that our technologies wear? What tools need to be generic, or more to the point, what components of tools can be generic, what elements adaptive and sensitive to the context of use? What does localization really mean or require? What tools should be built from the bottom up, within a specific context? How can that be supported? In particular, authoring tools, for the most part built in North America and Europe, introduce implicit biases into the creative process, enabling some forms of content and not others. Aesthetics of perspective (China), and circularity (many Aboriginal cultures) can be difficult to achieve with current technologies. Aboriginal artists have helped to create language-specific tools and interfaces that incorporate cultural values."


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