Saturday, May 3, 2003

The Inhabited Grid

NYC's New Museum exhibit: Living Inside the Grid

"The inhabited grid has become an irreducible sign of the world we live in. From our morning commutes-whether in a car moving along a highway, a high-speed train on a magnetic rail, or a walk through city streets-all the way to the last check of our e-mails at night, we operate in an overlapping network of grids. In both obvious and hidden ways, these grids order our movements, work, thoughts, leisure time, and even our dreams ... Living Inside the Grid responds to two recent developments. First, the rapid rise of a globally linked society has presented a challenge to contemporary artists to describe or depict the experience of living in a world where the ubiquitous visible grid of urban design, railroads and highways has been reinforced or even surpassed by the invisible grid of telecommunications. Second, a change in the work of a number of younger artists who live and work far apart from one another became apparent several years ago. By the early 1990s there was a significant diminishing of the distinction between geometric and figurative art reflecting a hybrid approach to two previously distant traditions."

[via Smart Mobs]


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