Friday, May 2, 2003

Happy May Day

Beltane - or May Day - was the fire festival of the Celtic god Belenus, celebrating the beginning of the bright half of the year. As such, Beltane was a fertility festival, and if I remember correctly, couples would spend Beltane Eve making love in the fields, purified by the fires, and rising in the morning to dance around the May Pole. Older married couples removed their wedding rings for the celebrations, and young men and women could enter into a trial marriage that would last a year and a day. Hmmm. Perhaps a return to "traditional values" wouldn't be so bad after all ...

May Day is now more widely celebrated as International Labour Day. Around here that means:

Toronto's MAYWORKS 2003: A Festival of Working People and the Arts

Montreal's Festival of Anarchy May 1-18, 2003 - including the Fourth Annual Anarchist Bookfair

and the Emma Goldman Papers University of Alberta Exhibit May 2-5, 2003


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