Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Hacking the subway

Back from a wonderful long weekend and keeping an eye on the Submoves Movement:

... basically all about taking the carefully engineered subway structures and having some fun with them. the space inside subway cars seems to be carefully designed to make people want to look at ads, in order to avoid looking at themselves. many have tried to address this issue with "hug your neighbor" aesthetics, - in our opinion - to little or no avail. so fuck trying to fix our dishumanity, fuck ads, and at least move those muscles or make someone feel uncomfortable. there are little restrains to what a move can be. basically, a move has to make use of the space inside the subway car in a manner it wasn't intended to be used. take this phrase as you may, be creative, take a picture and upload it.

The Web site is not fully operational at the moment, but apparently New Yorkers will be able to name their moves and upload their pictures, and the public will be able to vote on a move's skill and style. Currently the submoves team is "really small" but anyone in NYC can participate or you can let them know if you're doing it somewhere else. The "moves" are a combination of performance art and Garfinkel's breaching experiments - or what Negativland called culture-jamming and what folks at MIT called hacks. Excellent.


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