Thursday, April 10, 2003

Weaving New Technologies

Techno Fashion Bradley Quinn.

"Tomorrow's garments will do more than just look good and feel great; they will have an intelligence of their own," Quinn writes. He contends that a new generation of designers-cum-scientists are pushing the limits of couture with radically developing technology, in the process redefining what, how, and why we wear clothes. Through detailed studies of catwalk collections and interviews with designers... Quinn assesses the impact of this new wave on fashion. Charting the disappearance of the traditional woman of fashion... he explores the boundaries between clothing, body and machine, and reevaluates the ethics and lifestyles designated by codes of dress. His closing chapter on sportswear, from NASA to Nike, hones in on elements and ideas of style and function, utility and motion." [via boingboing]

See also: Techno Textiles: Revolutionary Fabrics for Fashion & Design Sarah E. Braddock et al.

And if you find yourself in Montreal Friday thru Sunday, you can catch the awesome Joey Berzowska give a presentation on "Electronic fashion: body as interface" and Ingrid Bachmann on "Textiles as an inspiration for a virtual women's art" at Electra and Magneticus: A Symposium on Art and Electromagnetism. Currently, both are working at the Interactive Textiles and Wearable Computers Axis of Hexagram in Montreal. Very cool. (Can we weave the human body into a wearable device?)

UPDATE 10/04/03: E-broidery: Design and fabrication of textile-based computing. A lovely twist on this quote from 1968: "girls sometimes make better programmers than boys because they have more patience and are more meticulous. An intelligent girl who has the patience to do embroidery has just the right mentality to do the job".


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