Sunday, April 6, 2003

Research reminder : find out more about these CHI sessions

Thea Turner, Motorola, USA

The Mad Hatter's Cocktail Party: A Social Mobile Audio Space Supporting Multiple Simultaneous Conversations
Paul Aoki, PARC; Matthew Romaine, PARC; Margaret Szymanski, PARC; James Thornton, PARC; Daniel Wilson, CMU; Allison Woodruff, PARC

Mobile Phones for the Next Generation: Device Designs for Teenagers
Alex Taylor, Digital World Research Centre/DWRC/University of Surrey; Sara Berg, UmeĀ University; Richard Harper, Appliance Studio

Wan2tlk?: Everyday Text Messaging
Rebecca Grinter, PARC; Margery Eldridge, Image Semantics Ltd

Leysia Palen, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

Hardware Companions? - What Online AIBO Discussion Forums Reveal about the Human-Robotic Relationship
Batya Friedman, University of Washington/UW, USA; Peter H. Kahn, Jr, University of Washington/UW, USA; Jennifer Hagman, University of Washington/UW, USA

Media Inequality in Conversation: How People Behave Differently When Interacting with Computers and People
Nicole Shechtman, SRI International/Stanford University, USA; Leonard Horowitz, Stanford University, USA

Designing Social Presence of Social Actors in Human Computer Interaction
Kwan Lee, Annenberg School for Communication/University of Southern California, USA; Clifford Nass, Department of Communication/Stanford University, USA


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