Wednesday, April 16, 2003

PLAY Interactive Institute

"The PLAY research studio investigates and invents the future of human-computer interaction. We believe that in the future, computation will become just another material for design, and take a natural place in human existence alongside other basic technologies such as writing and electricity. The research in PLAY will prepare us for that future."

Public Play Spaces: "We take the opportunity to reflect on, question and reexamine places, relationships and qualities for the design of technology in the public sphere. This requires that we ask different questions, apply new methods and try alternative means of prototyping possibilities. Operating on the fringes, our projects will be provocative and personal, challenging people to reflect, participate, and evolve. Public Play Spaces is a platform for creative work exploring the playful, emotional and appropriate incorporation of technology into everyday public life."

Textiles and Computational Technology: "We aim to join two different areas of design and technology development: information technology and textiles. On the one hand, we are looking for new applications and areas for textiles; on the other, we want to give information technology new clothes and expand the design space of everyday computational things."

Slow Technology: "We are experimenting with time as a variable in interface design, beyond the point of trying to minimize the time taken to perform a certain task. Instead, we want to design technology that encourages moments of reflection and mental rest by being slow, i.e, to provide food rather than fast-food for thought."



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