Monday, April 7, 2003


Media Lab Europe Human Connectedness Research Group

Reflexion: a responsive virtual mirror for interpersonal communication
Reflexion is an interpersonal video communication system that operates like a "magic mirror" in which you see a reflection of yourself together with the reflections of other participants in remote locations. The system responds to visual and auditory cues to appropriately compose the scene and emphasize the center of attention.

Palimpsest: a layered video manuscript of social interaction
A palimpsest is a manuscript consisting of a later writing superimposed upon an original writing. This word has been borrowed for the title of this project that aims to superimpose layers of recorded social interaction and present them as a single image. In contrast to conferencing tools and portals that enable chance encounters between distant locations, the Palimpsest facilitates chance encounters between different points in time.

iCom: a multipoint awareness and communication portal for connecting remote social spaces
iCom is a media installation that forms a bridge between different locations. It operates in a continuous and background mode, integrated with the surrounding space. The portal enables awareness of remote activity and promotes a sense of connection among those generating it -- be they colleagues, family members, or friends in distant lands.

Wanderful Alcove: an interactive play space in which participants wield magic wands and practice wizardry
Magic wands have a presence in the history and legends of human cultures from thousands of years ago all the way to the present day. They have an ultra-simple design, they respond to natural human gesture, speech, emotion, and even thought, and thanks to books and movies, they are widely understood from an early age as objects symbolic of great empowerment. As such, the magic wand presents an interesting design opportunity as a form for a tangible computer interface. In addition to exploring the technology needed to build a magic wand interface, The Wanderful Alcove focuses on role-immersion scenarios in which these interfaces can have a socially tranforming effect on their users, serving as a catalyst for ad-hoc interaction and collaboration in a story experience.


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