Thursday, May 1, 2003

Domesticity and design inspiration

The other day I was reading an article in the print version of Bitch magazine about recent trends in advertising domestic and cleaning products to a new generation of feminists. Wrapped up in 50s & 60s hipster imagery, the domestic goddess has returned to pop culture. And I thought to myself (rather smugly, I might add) that no amount of pin-up decorated aprons or pot-holders would get me to spend any more time in the kitchen. But every girl has her weakness ...

Via NSOP - near the end of 2001, Electrolux introduced the Trilobite, the first automatic vacuum :

The shape and the name have been borrowed from the trilobite, a prehistoric animal that cleaned the bottoms of the oceans 250-560 million years ago,” says Christian Klingspor, head of design at Electrolux Group. “The trilobite can often be seen as a fossil in walls, stairs and floors made of stone. Apart from giving it a sleek and timeless look, the shape ensures that the vacuum cleaner doesn’t get stuck anywhere.

Trilobites were amazing creatures (although probably not as poetically as Electrolux would have us believe) and I am such a trilobite geek that I got one tattooed on my hip, and am particularly attached to a pair of trilobite fossil earrings that I wear. Add to this a long-time love affair with robotics, and the Trilobite vacuum becomes about the coolest domestic cleaning product I have ever seen!


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