Wednesday, April 2, 2003

Digital Cities, Part 2

I'm still looking, but here's some more on digitally annotated city spaces.

Equator City Project (UK)
"The City project treats the city and information in a way that deliberately blurs the boundaries between old and new media. What makes a city meaningful to us is not just its bricks and mortar, but also our understanding and use of it. Our use of maps, texts and images of a city influence our activity in it and our interpretation of it... We are exploring ways that people can interact and maintain awareness of each other, even though they may be spatially separated and using a variety of interactive media." Thanks Ben!

And Brandon (thank you!) pointed me towards a couple of articles that gave up the following:

34 North 118 West (USA)
"Imagine walking through the city and triggering moments in time. Imagine wandering through a space inhabited with the sonic ghosts of another era. Like ether, the air around you pulses with spirits, voices, and sounds. Streets, buildings, and hidden fragments tell a story... 34 NORTH 118 WEST plays through a Tablet PC with Global Positioning System device and headphones provided onsite. GPS tracks your location and determine how the story is delivered. The landscape becomes the interface. Every version is rendered in real-time, according to your pattern of movement."

Annotate Space (USA)
" a project to develop experiential forms of journalism and nonfiction storytelling for use at specific locations. Stories are presented through text, images and audio files that participants can download from the Web to their handheld computers and take with them to the place of interest. The prototype experience is Annotate Space DUMBO, an interactive, anytime walking tour of the Brooklyn waterfront neighborhood of DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass)."

Geonotes: Digital Graffitti in Public Places (Sweden)
"Do you enjoy observing and participating in toilet graffiti? GeoNotes allows you to do this - digitally and for free! GeoNotes introduces a way of attaching virtual Post-It™ notes that can be read by other GeoNotes users passing by the physical location where you “placed” the note. GeoNotes operates wherever you are connected to Internet and a Lucent base station, for instance at your workplace or in publically available W-LANs."

WorldBoard (IBM)
"WorldBoard is a powerful new information and communication technology being developed and promoted by the WorldBoard Forum. At its most basic level, WorldBoard enables people to associate Web objects with a PLACE–Proximity and Location to Access Contextual Enlightenment. This enhancement of the Web enables anyone to virtually attach information, tools and serrvices to any location on the planet or, using an identification tag, to objects or people in the environment. These specific physical objects (i.e., a specific car or a box of cereal) or each instance of a class of objects (i.e., any oak tree or any 1999 Honda Accord LX Coupe with black exterior) may carry information with them as they move about the physical world."


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