Friday, April 25, 2003

Conference Updates

Joe McCarthy sends a reminder that workshop and panel proposals for Ubicomp 2003 can still be submitted. They're interested in expanding the field of ubicomp research and engaging as many different perspectives and backgrounds as possible - so don't rule yourself out. Ubicomp is diverse and interesting, and I hope to get there too.

Participants and presentation abstracts for next month's Digital Genres Conference at the University of Chicago are now posted. Yours truly will be presenting this paper. If you're in Chicago May 30-31, the line-up looks great (see Molly, Steve, Trevor & AKMA) and it's free to attend.

(Update) I've also been watching for good commentary on the happening-right-now O'Reilly Emerging Technologies Conference... my personal fave so far is Matt Jones - alone (?) representing the social sciences and humanities - and Cory Doctorow's and Jason Kottke's notes are interesting, if a bit too, um, enthusiastic for me. And then there's this little article that made me giggle.

And I got word that my paper on blogs and auto-ethnography was accepted for the AoIR Conference in Toronto in the fall, which is cool (and I might get to meet Lisbeth).


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