Tuesday, April 15, 2003


Thanks to Alexandre Castonguay for reminding me about artengine: an Ottawa-based artist-run internet site for visual and media artists, devoted to the propagation of art on the internet and the artistic exploration of new technologies.

Laura Marks - Carleton professor and member of my PhD committee - takes a look at Immanence Online. "Let us try to understand online space not as virtual, transcendent, and discrete, but as material, immanent, and interconnected. To demonstrate how online media live in material space, I've chosen a number of low-tech and parodic artists' web sites that assert their own materiality and the economic and social relationships in which they are embedded."

Nichola Feldman-Kiss - interdisciplinary artist and curator of ITAC's IT and Art site - performs Project Molly, using "a Xybernaut wearable computer with a head-mounted audio video acquisition and display system to stream a live video feed to the internet via wireless connection" and The Reliquarium, "a digital story board and email performance."

Also very cool is Hart Snider's Scratch Video, a mutant hybrid of scratch DJ music and guerrilla TV. "Scratch video is assembling music using video editing software ... performed live, a jam session between a DJ and a VJ (video jockey) using MIDI technology and a video mixer to synch image and sound on the fly."


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