Thursday, March 20, 2003

Suppose - New Media Research and Application

If you find yourself in Nottingham, UK, I really hope you check out Suppose's Events "live discussion, performance, illustration and exploration of interesting work from diverse fields ... in a pub." (And in a pub - how civilised!)

The next event will take place March 20, 2003. "Computational Audio/Visual Aesthetics and the Glitch: glitch art auteur Beflix demonstrates his unique approach to art generation live, generative audio artist Vastik Root makes a rare public appearance to show his new work and Suppose's own Ed George experiments with generating artwork from Unreal Tournament game data. Computational Aesthetics showcases radical new thought and methodologies in art production." Wow.

Allen Coombs was kind enough to send an invitation - thank you, Allen - but unfortunately I am not able to jump the pond to attend. But you should go to each and every event if you can. It's not very often that academics, practitioners and the interested public get together to learn from each other, and that is something I whole-heartedly support. If you can't make it either, do check out the Suppose research blog.


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