Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Now reporting

Wow. I actually thought I would blog my SXSW Interactive experience, but find myself doing so only now that I am too hungover to socialise. The ethnographer in me has taken over: I have watched with utter fascination all these people together, armed with wireless connections, tapping away at keyboards, and it becomes difficult to distinguish between presence and absence.

This is my first visit here and I thought I didn't have any expectations, but it seems I did. The panels have been interesting but nothing more. I guess I expected it to be a little more cutting-edge? Larry Lessig gave a tight presentation on copyright and the Creative Commons, but keynote presentations aren't panel discussions. One of the best panels I've seen so far was Jeffrey Zeldman, Adam Greenfield and Todd Dominey on why they publish online. It was conversational, inspiring, and made me wish I were a better writer.

The best part has been meeting so many bright and fun people. I've particularly enjoyed my time with Molly Wright Steenson, Mike Buzzard and Toke Nygaard of Cuban Council and k10k, and of course, Mr. Greenfield - all of them hardcore in the best possible ways. I also had the pleasure of meeting Anitra Pavka and Nick Finck, who joined us for drinks last night and only added to my joy of finally finding a place that served real beer. Of course, I might not have tried to make up for lost days of drinking, but where's the fun in that?!

Todays' salvation has been gatorade and ibuprofen, but tomorrow is another day...


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