Thursday, March 20, 2003

First International Moblogging Conference

Tokyo. Early summer. The First International Moblogging Conference.

What we'd like to see is presentations relating to your experiences of mobile publishing, either textual, visual, audial, or a combination of the above. How, if at all, has the act of moblogging changed the way you understand place? How has it affected your patterns of socialization? Do you understand moblogging as augmented reality, or transitional ubicomp, or wireless songlines? Do you have a prototype device you'd like to share, or an application searching for an audience? This would be the natural place to discuss it, in front of the forty or fifty people in the world most dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the mobile self-publishing experience.

Very cool. And since I won't be able to physically make it to Tokyo, I'm hoping to serve as a virtual participant in their augmented reality ;)


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