Thursday, March 20, 2003

All sorts of queer and strange projects

In Parliament this week, Mr. Ted White, Canadian Alliance MP for North Vancouver, shared this bit of wisdom as part of a larger rant on government spending:

I could stand here for a whole day talking about things like the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. One of my pet hates is its $120 million a year, pretty much unaccounted for, which is spent on all sorts of queer and strange projects. That is hundreds of millions of dollars wasted. It does not produce any wealth in the country at all. Most of what the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council hands out in grants appears to go to financing vacation time for academics to travel to other countries and take photographs. It is certainly not contributing to the running of the country.

He wouldn't be the first conservative engineer to dismiss the value and validity of social science and humanities research, but comments like that really piss me off. Queer and strange, indeed! If it bothers you too, please write and tell him what you think.

Thanks, Daphne.


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