Wednesday, February 19, 2003


Tim Jaeger, Nano-Thought / Nano-Media.

Takes a look at nano-thought and nano-media as ambient data-cloud, and how new media technologies create a "place where you can enter a 'suspended kind of time' where you can float through the day allowing different influences, words, quotes, and texts to surround and influence you; in other words, allowing things to create a sort of 'mesh effect': Something breezy, that flows, never stops or rests, and is quite organic."

Jan Speckenbach, Match Frame and Jump Cut: A dialectic theory of montage in the digital age

Examines the current state of cinema and two types of editing in film-making: "Any cut in space is a match frame... Any cut in time is a jump cut." Also their relationships to montage, the differences between cutting and trimming, and the "desire of liquidity" (a matter of space/time and performance) in digital editing.


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