Monday, January 20, 2003

Where to go now?

The information in the last post puts a crimp in my dissertation. I wanted to investigate how electronic clothes (re)configure notions of interface, but we're still too much in the realm of science fiction. Still, it's interesting how the predictions and promises around interactive textiles are changing as research progresses, or fails to progress. There's much that can be said about an emerging technology...

[Not something I want to pursue for my dissertation, but still in the margins of my mind, is the work being done in textile architectures. Take this research on knit fabrics, which can be manipulated to create shapes that cannot be reproduced by woven fabrics. So far, they've created fabrics that are adequate for small tent-like structures and they'll be building re-configurable modulated structures. Mobile dwellings have a really long history, but I don't imagine that the current sense of nomadism has this in mind. At best, I imagine military or research-camp applications. At worst, I imagine giant hive-like favelas in developing nations that governments collapse (and only maybe relocate) as they deem fit.]


Back to biomedical applications of intelligent fibres and notions around weaving the body into a wearable device? A sustained deconstruction and critique of Nexia's spider/goat fibres and the weaving of the spider/goat/human. Hybridity and its discontents. Secant Medical and weaving the human body. Internal/invisible interfaces. Art as critique.

Hmm. Yes.


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