Saturday, January 11, 2003

Welcome to Antarctica

Via boingboing, what is quickly becoming my new favourite blog: Big Dead Place. Now, I've spent plenty of time doing research in small camps located in remote and extreme environments - but these folks take the prize! And they're damn funny.

"In a 1988 report, an NSF-appointed Antarctic Safety Panel wrote, "The Panel recommends that the National Science Foundation recognize and reflect in its management policies, directives and contracts, that its antarctic stations are not simply worksites, but communities of people with recreational, spiritual, cultural and other human needs." Sounds good on paper. At Antarctic stations, plays, music, and door decorations are all subject to management approval, and an envelope containing local satirical newsletters ("The Symmes Antarctic Intelligencer") was intercepted in the mail and confiscated at South Pole by Human Resources. Let's see how electronic media fares on the Frontier of Scientific Progress, shall we?"

The Stories and Interviews are simply brilliant and if you've ever wondered about the accuracy of John Carpenter's The Thing you should read Antarctica: The Thing and The Station.

Cheers to the hard-working and fun-loving folks in the Land of Ice!


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