Friday, January 3, 2003

To Living Poetically

Happy New Year! My holiday was excellent - plenty of friends, food, drink, presents, relaxation and fun. The next four months are going to be particularly hectic for me, but I'm happy to be starting with the energy of a thousand suns.

Over the past couple of weeks, I've given a lot of thought to living poetically. The closest thing I have to a New Years' ritual is (re)reading By Any Means Necessary: Outlaw Manifestos & Ephemera 1965-1970. Even when I disagree with the politics, manifestos embody a beauty and strength, a committment to living intensely and with passion, that I very much appreciate. In the spirit of past manifestos, I want to live poetically in 2003. So I took a look at some historically powerful manifestos - representing a variety of political and aesthetic positions - in the hope of finding those perfect sentences that call the spirit. And to those proper manifestos, I add other poetics.

F.T. Marinetti - Manifesto of Futurism/The Joy of Mechanical Force - 1909
Internationale Situationniste - On the Poverty of Student Life - 1966
Fidel Castro - On 40th anniversary of Cuban revolution - 1999
Valerie Solanas - SCUM Manifesto - 1968
Black Panther Party - What We Want, What We Believe - 1966/1972
Martin Nicolaus - Fat Cat Sociology - 1968
Internationale Situationniste - Manifesto - 1960
Various - No More Miss America! - 1968
Che Guevara - Socialism and Man in Cuba - 1965
The Mentor - The Hacker's Manifesto - 1986
Valentine de Saint-Point - Futurist Manifesto of Lust - 1913
CIN - The loyal and honest struggle of the indigenous peoples of Mexico- 1997
Hakim Bey - The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism - 1985
Radicalesbians - The Woman Identified Woman - 1970
Mohawk Nation - Letter to Government of Canada - 1995
Guy Debord - Theory of the Dérive - 1956(?)
Martin Luther King, Jr. - Where Do We Go From Here? - 1967
Amor y Rabia - Indigenous Autonomy and Revolutionary Resistance - 1997
F.T. Marinetti - Destruction of Syntax/Imagination without Strings/Words-in-Freedom - 1913
Donna Haraway - A Cyborg Manifesto - 1991
Fidel Castro - The case of Cuba is the case of all underdeveloped countries - 1960
Raoul Vaneigem - Contributions to The Revolutionary Struggle - (60s?)
Robin Morgan - WITCH Manifesto - (60s?)


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