Friday, January 17, 2003

On play

"The famed physicist and mathematician Richard Feynman used to say that his most creative activity was playing... He once confided as much to MIT professor Kenneth Haase, who is now acting director of MIT's Media Lab Europe in Dublin. "It's not that play shouldn't be fun, but at its best, play is in fact a lot more," said Haase. "Play is really the wellspring of activity."

"As a lab, we've always looked at playing as one of the most proficient means of learning and acquiring knowledge," said Negroponte. He also said a sense of play and the pursuit of meaningful chaos were key ways in which MIT Media Lab and Media Lab Europe differ from industrial labs, which have to answer directly to shareholders." [via Wired]

This adds to my suspicion that both Huizinga and Caillois were wrong when they said that the space of play is unproductive.


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