Wednesday, January 29, 2003


Smart Bandages - modifying the cellulose in cotton so that it can bind with, and remove, excess elastase interfering with the healing process. Hmm. That's gotta be good news for people who suffer from perpetually festering wounds.

"Chemical analysis of 6000-year-old pottery shards shows ancient Britons also had a taste for cow's milk and goat's cheese. Until now, the earliest proof of dairying was a picture of a Sumerian frieze in Baghdad Museum showing milking 4500 years ago." Hmm. We're still the only species that drinks another creature's milk. And now here we are.

"Three-dimensional tubes of living tissue have been printed using modified desktop printers filled with suspensions of cells instead of ink. The work is a first step towards printing complex tissues or even entire organs." Hmm. Printing organs? That's *so* sci-fi.

Gavin Menzies: "I don't see how any fair-minded person who reads the evidence can come to any other conclusion other than the Chinese did get to America before Europeans." The Chinese response: "Nonsense." Hmm. China wins 1-0.


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