Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Hardcore Canadian Love

Our friends David and Jessica got married on Saturday and it was beautiful. The event took place outdoors in the Quebec countryside - the sun was shining, the sky was blue and it was -25 degrees. A procession of fifty or so hardy Canadians trudged uphill through the snow to witness the couple's ceremony. Everyone was supplied with bubble wands, and hundreds of bubbles froze in the icy air above us before falling gently to earth. Jessica and David took the first toboggan ride down the hill and guests spent the next few hours snowboarding and sliding down with them. When everyone was sufficiently frozen, we gathered around the fire to eat hot Soupe aux Pois Quebecois and drink hot apple cider. Everything was perfect.

The reception took place indoors that evening, and we laughed at the re-introductions needed after you've only seen someone in serious outdoor gear. There was lots of good food and drink, singing French Canadian folk songs and dancing to the klezmer band. There were stories about love and the value of negotiation, independence and cooperation - in French, Yiddish, English and Spanish.

It was the nicest wedding I've ever attended and I wish my friends the very best.


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